Soft Skill Programs

Leadership Skills

Good Leadership skills inculcates vision and values, boosts morale, ensures effective communication, motivates employees, provides appropriate resources.

Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette enhances relationships in the workplace, promotes business growth, enhances impression, enhances non-verbal communication.


Teamwork helps in increasing productivity, dividing the work decreases the workload, it helps to overcome obstacles together and it increases business growth.

Business Communication Skills

Effective Communication helps to build the team, boosts employee morale, increases customer satisfaction, etc.


POSH stands for Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work Place. It helps employees to understand their rights in case of any misdeed. POSH Training as become compulsion for some Organisation under Companies Act

Time Management

Time management helps to deliver work on time, provide a better quality of work, more productivity and efficiency and much less procrastination.

Stress Management

Stress management helps to sleep better, get sick less often, less muscle tension, and get along better with family and friends.

Emotional Intelligence

A high EQ helps individuals to communicate better, reduce their anxiety and stress, improve relationships and effectively overcome life's challenges.

Problem Solving Techniques

Problem solving techniques helps in better thinking, better risk handling, better communication, increases understanding, increased number of solutions.

Analytical Skills

Having analytical skills helps you make unbiased analyses of situations or problems, think about different sides of the problem, draw to logical conclusions and find solutions.

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