Franchisor (Pal India Computer Education) after detailed discussion with you will allocate you the district and number of centres expected in that District. Master Franchisee through its extensive network of acquaintances and advertising will appoint franchisee under him. Master Franchisee is basically a local Franchisor, who will see to it that Head Office’s Rules & Regulations are implemented on his franchisees. He will be a source of coordination between Head Office & his franchisees. For this activity, he will receive share from Franchisee Fee, Royalty & Renewal Fee. Master Franchisee can run this business with almost no staff and with minimal set-up. As set-up and running cost are very low, so rate of returns are very superior. It can be an ideal opportunity for

  • Ladies who had taken break in their career for marriage / maternity / raising kids and now wishes to re-start their career.

  • Retired Employees who want to have a stress free side income by just being a coordinating point between Franchisor and his Franchisees.

  • Businessmen or Self Employed, who wish to explore newer opportunities other than their currently ongoing work, without investing much of the time.

  • Fresh Graduates who wants to have first taste in business without employing a huge capital.

  • Working Professionals who want to break free from Stagnant Growth and Monotonous Life, towards better Growth Potential with Job Satisfaction and Monetary Perks.

Role of Master Franchisee

  • Procuring Franchisee for Franchisor using Social Contacts or Local Advertising (if needed) in the appointed District.

  • Coordinating Management between Franchisor and appointed Franchisees in his District.

  • Providing Management Related Training to (Centre Director / Centre Manager / Marketing Executive / Faculty).

  • Guiding Franchisee in Selecting Spot for Branch Opening.

  • Providing guidance to Franchisees in Advertising & Branding.

  • Helping Local Franchisee Plan Advertising & Branding Events.

  • Checking & Cross verifying Daily Activity & Daily Report Book.

  • Handling Student or Franchisees Complaints. Handling Refund cases.

  • Carrying out Quality Audits of Students and Forwarding Report to Franchisor.

  • Pushing Franchisee & its Staff for delivering Quality Education.

  • Coordinating Trainings & Exams between Franchisor and Local Franchisee.

  • Motivate Franchisee to increase their collection.

  • Conduct monthly meetings of Franchisees and Their Staff of his Appointed District.

  • Implementing Franchisor’s Rules & Regulations on Local Franchisees.

  • Helping local Franchisees in getting Tie-ups.

  • Procuring staff for Local Franchisee.

  • Solving Inner & Intra Branch Problems of appointed Franchisees in his District.

  • Getting Franchisors approval for Local Franchisee for Advertising & Branding.

  • Coordinating Monetary Audits between Franchisor & Local Franchisees.

  • Collecting Royalties & Branch shares from Local Franchisee and forwarding it to Franchisor.

  • Attending Franchisors monthly meeting and passing on information to Local Franchisees.

  • Provide Daily Reporting of Local Branches to Franchisor.

  • Distributing Material provided by Franchisor to Local Franchisees.

  • Feedback, Marksheet& Certificate Co-ordinations.

Returns On Investment (ROI) : 100–150% per annum, but hugely depends on number of franchisee you appoint which indirectly depends on your social acquaintance and advertising you do for procuring franchisee.

Working Capital : As Business has negligible running cost, so you can start business by just keeping break-even of 3 months in hand, this once again would be a negligible amount.