Training at Home / Office

Pal India is pioneer in the concept of providing training of Computer Courses & English Speaking at Home/Office. We have Mastered these concepts for a decade now. We have understood that there is requirement by Company Directors, Professionals, Businessmen, Senior Citizens, Housewives, Caring Parents, Kids with Learning Problem, who do not have enough time or resources to come down at Institutes, so we send our trainer to them, although we charge a small premium for the same. We have a dedicated division which manages Training @ Home/Office. Trainers are Masters of their respective field who carry professionalism on their sleeves. We take special care that Lady Students are trained by Ladies Trainers only. Management sees to it that you sign Session-Wise Beak-up after each session, which is combination of Syllabus & Students Attendance Sheet, so you will not miss-out any of the topics. After completion of Course; you will be asked to submit a Project and on the Merits of the same, you will be awarded the Marksheet + Certificate.